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Lacey Nelson, Actress, Model

Lacey Nelson, Model Actress Nevada City 2023

Jada Davis - Model Bay Area, CA

Sam Altawill, Model Sacramento

Tory Scorggins, Model, Actor - Sacramento

Hunt Family

Char and Lee, Nevada City, CA Aug 2023

Lacey Nelson, Nevada City, CA Aug 2023

Char and Lee on a Harley, Nevada City, CA Aug 2023

Mallory and Family Midtown Sacramento, CA 2022

SGT Tyler Andrews-Vargas - July 2022

Jenna and Boys - Colfax, CA April 2023

Greyson Sharpe Pictured with Nuvata

Brown Family, Dutch Flat 2023

A day of reverance

August 2021, Kabul, Afghanistan. A Day to honor those of the 13 that lost their lives. A local United States Marine Corps, Sgt. Tyler Andrews-Vargas was honored to his hometown with a true Hero return and escort. He gave so much on this tragic day; both mentally, and physically. July 3rd, 2022 Folsom Rodeo Honors the Marines who made it back home. I captured this Marine, Gunnery Sgt, USMC.

To those who gave your everything for the freedoms I enjoy and sometimes take for granted, I want to thank you and your family for your sacrifices.

USMC- Tyler Vargas- Andrews Return to His Hometown of Folsom, CA. Photo by Greyson Sharpe CineTraits

SMF - Sacramento International Airport - USMC Sgt. Tyler Vargas-Andrews Arrives Home

Folsom Police Department, Sacramento Sheriffs Department, Woodland PD, Escort United States Marine Home to Folsom from SMF Airport

Uncle Sammy (Sam Altawil) Old Town Roseville, CA with Oklahoma Smokes

Uncle Sam Puffin on Something Amazing, Im sure.

Such a cool story. Mallory and I went to school together throughout various grades. She has chosen me a few times, and its always fun to catch up and watch the small ones grow.